AI-PRISM is an industrial-end-user driven project that will provide a human-centred AI-based solutions ecosystem targeted to manufacturing scenarios with tasks difficult to automate and where speed and versatility are essential. The result will be an integrated and scalable ecosystem with installation-specific solutions for semi-automated and collaborative manufacturing in flexible production processes and for which specific robotic programming skills will not be required, thanks to its programming-by-demonstration modules.
The modular AI-PRISM collaborative robotics platform, supporting different types of collaborative robots, will leverage AI-based solutions to acquire enhanced reasoning, perception and coordination capabilities upon interaction with environment, products, other systems and humans, within changing dynamic and partially unpredictable manufacturing scenarios.
AI-PRISM will provide a complete solution using smart mechatronics that are specifically designed for manufacturing SMEs. These are composed of:

  • A Collaborative Robotic Platform that meets the requirements of SMEs and that enables the development of robotics to accommodate smaller production runs and to support frequent re-setups and re-programming to deal with relatively small batches.
  • A real-time environment and person tracking system that will enable and support real-time robot-human collaborations.
  • An intuitive visual learning programming environment.
  • A communications infrastructure that is capable of supporting massive information processing and transmission under real-time restrictions, with low-latency optimizations. A comprehensive set of robot routines.

Funded by Horizon Europe Programme Grant agreement ID: 101058589